Long ago, long before living memory, the Legendary Hero fought the Evil One for the fate of the world and lost. The Dark Ritual was completed and ultimate power was granted the Evil One…for a moment. Perhaps the ritual was flawed or the power too great or perhaps even the gods stepped down and smote the Evil One. Whatever happened though was cataclysmic, fracturing and shattering the world, sending the shards of the planet hurtling outwards from the core. Gaia, the Mother Goddess pleaded with the other gods for aid as her planet crumbled, her children dying in countless numbers. She herself was shattered, her divine essence sundered into dozens of shards. The gods did what they could in such a short time, binding the shards of her essence into great crystals, each one anchoring a part of the broken planet into an orbit around the core, binding them together with aethereal strands. The shards of Gaia, being greatly diminished in power, called out to her servants, the Kami to guide and protect the survivors and to ensure the survival of life in this strange new world. The gods, drained from their efforts, retreated to the celestial realms to recover, still now speaking only through Oracles and High Clerics.

This is the story of the world that emerged from a cataclysm that should’ve destroyed it. It is a world of strange landscapes, wild magic and fantastic races, altered by the potent magic that salvaged their world from destruction. It is the story of those people, and their attempts to cope with such a world and learn what they can of their forgotten past.

The Shattered World

Jacen Mandarin