There are many different types of faith and spirituality in the Shattered World. Animism, Ancestor Worship, Pantheism and even Atheistic beliefs abound.

To most people of the world, the Kami are the gods. But this is not entirely true. The Kami were originally the servants of Gaia and continue today working at the same tasks as they always have. Without one supreme mother goddess however, they have multiplied and many have grown in power, in order to take up the duties that once Gaia herself would have done. They still answer ultimately to her though, and defer to her wishes on those parts of the world where a shard of her divinity resides.

There is no real formal system of worship in regards to the Kami. Shamans and Miko the world over build and tend small shrines and even grand temples, each with it’s own honored Kami and individual rites and ceremonies.

Not all of the Kami follow Gaia’s plan though. Many have been corrupted over the years, becoming Bakemono. These sad, twisted spirits are born of Kami who have been filled with rage or loss or greed, negative emotions that they have allowed to consume them. It is not impossible for them to be redeemed, though it is rare and difficult. Often they find the touch of iron, often associated with Gaia, to be unbearable. Thus it is often used in totems and talismans to ward away evil spirits.

Some peoples remember the old gods, particularly the Lemurian people. Though the gods no longer live among mortals, they do still exist, granting miracles to the faithful, speaking through their oracles and prophets.

The Amazonian tribes practice a form of ancestor worship first and foremost, though they have a very open belief system and honor all of the Kami as well, and even pay tribute to the gods, especially when entering a territory where divine worship is commonly practiced.

There are of course those who reject the divine wholesale, such as the people of Mu. They endeavor, so they claim, to perfect the mortal body, mind and spirit, thus attaining enlightenment, freeing themselves from the cycle of reincarnation.


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